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Her face looked so beautiful as I was penetrating her hard. Nothing could have stopped me from bringing this horny slut to the edge of the most intensive orgasm of her life. The busty naked girl felt great in this position and did not want to change it. Hands down each other's pants, running for the door as fast as they could. This couple had just figured out something new about themselves. A female anthropologist who spent six years working as a stripper for a study hey, anthropologists do not fuck around concluded that many men used her services because, while visiting a strip club wasn't seen as "good" behavior by their wives, it wasn't "bad" enough to get them in real trouble.

This allowed the men to walk on the wild side without risking their marriages -- it was a chance to get it out of their system without having an affair. No job is without its requisite amount of suck, and you can absolutely wind up getting taken advantage of. So if it's slow, and you don't make that much, you can lose money. It depends on a lot of things -- time of year, club, etc. In December and January, I had several nights in a row of losing money. The reason strippers must pay to work -- and the primary source of injustice in the "naked dancing" industry -- is the fact that strippers are nearly all independent contractors.

Lots of people work as independent contractors in America, but the strippers are in a real gray area here. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, you can't be considered an independent contractor if your employer demands a specific hourly schedulesets a dress code, or determines the price you can charge clients. In other words, all the things strip club owners do. There is good news, though. Inthe class action suit of "Several Strippers" versus "Rick's Cabaret" succeeded in suing for years and years of unpaid minimum wage. Rick's owns some 40 clubs across the United States, so it's possible we're on the verge of a bright new age of "fairly paying exotic dancers for their work.

Hell, Chris Rock did a whole bit about that.


Again, why Naked ladies stripers so many fathers wake up ladiea a cold Nakrd at the thought of their daughter doing this kind of work? You said so earlier! See, we've done a few articles on sex workers and porn stars including a woman who has sex with a ventriloquist dummy on camera and we keep coming to the same conclusion: A The demand for these people's services is enormous; B The vast majority of us partake in some form or another by consuming porn, if nothing else ; C They thus fulfill a basic need in a way that the world would sorely miss if they stopped; and D We fucking hate them for it. Like, to the point of violence. Someone let us know.

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